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The Buddhism Basics Blog

What this blog is about:

Exploring fundamental Buddhist teachings and texts.
Providing online resources for study and practice.
Answering common questions and dispelling misconceptions.

My intention for this blog is to explore key elements of Buddhism and address issues raised in various online forums. This format should allow for more detail than is reasonable on a social media post. It will also allow me to provide references and documentation in my posts. This is important to be able show that more than my own position, I’m presenting a synthesis of the Buddha’s teachings and what some of the more well-known monastics and scholars, historical and modern have had to say. It will also allow me to link to other resources to support further study and practice.

At the very least, this blog will give me the opportunity to dig in deeper to the issues I’ll explore for my own benefit and to ensure that they’re well supported and in line with the Dhamma. At best, it will become a catalyst, generating additional questions for analysis and further discussion.


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